Want to turn your ordinary videos into extraordinary movies? Including synchronized music, director cuts and stabilization with just a couple taps?!

Our face-stabilization technology follows people in videos and live photos, just as a camera follows a person on a real-life movie set. The resulting movies have a stabilization effect that makes the person pop right out of the screen.

Stabilization is only the foundation, we’ve automated other aspects of the movie creation process such as synchronized music, smart segment selection, and director cuts.

Ego Beats

Create mashup movies with music, perfect for stories

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Stabilize existing videos with a face or record directly in the app

Social Media Stories

Import selfie Live Photos and selfie videos, add music and filters

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How to get the best results with Ego Cam

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Improve your selfie game with these 5 tips!

The Future

The future of the selfie camera: Ego Cam App

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