Why We Built Ego Camera

We believe everyone should have the ability to easily capture high-quality video of themselves with just their phone. Cinematography is constantly evolving, and it should be available to everyone, not just those with professional equipment. Ego Beats lets you create videos with dramatic music and cinematic cuts. Shake and jitter free. Anytime.

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Selfie Video Stabilization App

We are the world's first A.I powered, real-time selfie video stabilization app for iPhone. No need for extra and expensive hardware. No more video post processing stabilization. The super powerful A chips in iPhones do all the hard work. Everything happens on your iPhone, not the cloud.

A.I for Stable Selfie Videos

We embedded alien Artificial Intelligence video technology from a galaxy far far away into your iPhone to help you take steady and smooth videos. Our A.I analyzes the scene and secures the FTL drives for all local sensors... Aaaanyway, this video stabilizer app it's practically magic and works with all iPhones running iOS 11!

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Stabilize Shaky Action Selfies Videos


Capture history in the making at any place, anytime. Grab your iPhone and start reporting the best story of your life. Selfie video will look steady and stabilized. No crew required. Your story can be huge. Maybe it will change the world

Sports and Action Selfies

Action selfie video or it never happened! You don't care if it's impossible. You can do it. All the blood, sweat and tears workouts will look as tough as they really are. Record your active moments with our zero shake app.

Social Media

For all the Queen Bs and PewDiePies and vloggers and everyone aspiring to be a big star. Create you cinematic video selfie Story and put it out. Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Messenger, Weibo, VK... YASSS

Travel Videos

Globetrotters and travel couples can now go anywhere lighter, faster and smarter. Use our cinematic iPhone video image stabilization app to make amazing selfie videos from gorgeous places and breathtaking locations. #lifeisbeautiful #travelblogger

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